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more COM sites other domains with the prefix mi - its a website hosted on the ip shared with other 247 websites and belongs to the network (AS17971) maintened by MAINT-MY-EASTGATE on Malaysia.The main page has been loaded in 0.559500 seconds, we found 0 images , 0 links, javascript files and css files in this page. is managed by 2 nameservers where we found 4 records: 1 A , 2 NS, 0 MX,0 TXT with a medium TTL (Time To Live) of 3600 seconds.

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IP Address
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Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Network Route
Network Mainteiner
TM IT Complex Cyberjaya - MAINT-MY-EASTGATE
36 networks are maintened by this company
C-Block - - websites on same C-Block
247 websites are hosted on this block
Server Type
0 of 34855510 sites indexed are running with the same server type

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Domain Creation Date Expiration Date PR Alexa Rank Friday, June 26, 2009 Sunday, June 26, 2011 2 1238110 - -


# Ip Hostname Avg Time
us 0.467 ms
non 0.898 ms
non 0.789 ms
us 0.293 ms
us 1.255 ms
us 1.554 ms
us 190.846 ms
10 my 191.106 ms
11 my 191 ms - DNS Records is managed by 2 nameservers (, (

Class Ttl Type IP Name Reverse TXT/SOA
IN 3600 SOA 13 900 600 86400 3600
IN 3600 A
IN 3600 NS
IN 3600 NS

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